Emerging Brisbane singer-songwriter, ERICA BRONWYN, independently released her debut album, METAMORPHOSIS on March 31st, 2013. Her album featured the hit single BUTTERFLY, which was then picked up by 3,000 radio stations in the USA alone.  Alongside MTV USA, Butterfly was also being played on BET and BET Centric. 

Erica’s second single HEAR ME CALLING, (February, 2014 release) demonstrates her talent in varying genres of music, delivering a more dramatic, pop-rock track rather than the pop/R&B piano sound delivered in her first single, BUTTERFLY. Erica has officially charted on two radio charts in the USA, in the first week of her radio campaign for her second single HEAR ME CALLING. The First chart is for the top 50 Independent Artists for week ending the 8th of Feb – Erica came in at #37. And beating Icons such as John Legend, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams and Lorde – Erica Charted #26 Top 50 R&B.

“She plays up organic and dramatic pop with exciting fervor, finding a cozy balance between overtly sentimental and totally engaging.” – Ryan Merkel, The Levity Ball

Erica was composing piano pieces at a very young age.  Piano teacher Mrs Kluck – “I remember very well that you had a rare gift of being able to produce beautiful sounds on the piano, things that you didn’t learn from the tutor books, musical sounds that came from the heart.”

Erica’s music is under girded by something very personal that resonates in the depths of ones soul – the naked intimacy of one who has journeyed through tremendous amounts of adversity.  Her music is both a personal celebration and a ministry for those who take the time to hear.