Singer-songwriter, ERICA BRONWYN, independently released her debut album, METAMORPHOSIS on March 31st, 2013. Her album featured the hit single BUTTERFLY, which was picked up by over 3000 radio stations in the USA alone. Alongside MTV USA, Butterfly was also being played on BET and BET Centric. Erica came in at #1 on Reverbnation 20 June 2013 POP/QLD/AUST.

Erica’s second single HEAR ME CALLING, released February, 2014 officially charted on two radio charts in the USA, in the first week of her radio campaign. The First chart was for the top 50 Independent Artists for week ending the 8th of Feb – Erica came in at #37 and beating Icons such as John Legend, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams and Lorde – Erica Charted #26 Top 50 R&B.

(Digital Radio Tracker)

July, 2017 Erica released her single WHY from her upcoming sophomore album SPECTRUM + REFLECTION. Erica worked with Tom Coyne Grammy Award winning Mastering Engineer who has worked on numerous recordings by Adele, Taylor Swift and Tori Kelly to name a few. WHY featured on over 550 radio stations in Australia and a few overseas including USA, UK, IRELAND and INDIA. 14 July, 2017 WHY was added to MTV VOD. 26 August 2017 her track came in at #19 featured on the radio show: Australia’s Hot 25 Countdown.

Erica has played a dozen shows, several of them festivals such as Easterfest, The Jacaranda Festival and City Sounds Brisbane. She has been invited to perform at SPARC a creative industries network which is an initiative of Christian Media and Arts Australia. She has also been invited to sing and speak in front of the Ipswich Mayor at a Westside Community Care event that was seeking to support victims of domestic violence. Erica has been involved in supporting other charities with her music including DEBRA Australia and Beyond Blue.

She has had her song Butterfly added to a music compilation of Aussie Artists called HOPE an initiative by ACG with the proceeds supporting Live Connection.

Erica Bronwyn has featured in the Gympie Times and Time Off Magazine. She also had an article written up about her in Bella Rae Magazine supporting their vision with her shared values in sisterhood, community, healthy body images, fun and style.

Erica has had physical distribution support of her Debut Album Metamorphosis by Koorong and Rocking Horse Records.

Erica's current release YOUR LOVE  has already been reviewed by The Worlds Leading A&R company in the States that scouts for Record Companies, Publishers, Film and TV Music Supervisors.  The song made it through to be listed for a specific publishing deal  and received great feedback :  

“I love the laid back and breezy feel this has and the chorus/hook really stand out and grab your attention as a listener. It’s really well crafted and good and I am going to give it a shot” 

YOUR LOVE is being played on radio stations around the globe in AUSTRALIA, US, UK and for the first time in countries like CANADA, MEXICO and throughout EUROPE and ASIA.

Erica Bronwyn is currently back in the studio with her producer Caleb James finishing her album SPECTRUM + REFLECTION.


“Erica’s music is under girded by something very personal that resonates in the depths of ones soul – the naked intimacy of one who has journeyed through tremendous amounts of adversity. Her music is both a personal celebration and a ministry for those who take the time to hear.” – Steve Thomas (Depth Of Reason)

Erica was composing piano pieces at a very young age. Myra Kluck (Piano Teacher)– “I remember very well that you had a rare gift of being able to produce beautiful sounds on the piano, things that you didn’t learn from the tutor books, musical sounds that came from the heart.”

“She plays up organic and dramatic pop with exciting fervor, finding a cozy balance between overtly sentimental and totally engaging.” – Ryan Merkel (The Levity Ball)

“What is so great about Erica’s music is that the sounds are distinct. At first glance, Erica’s music may not seem any different than most other mainstream pop female artists,her lyrics are richer and her attitude is more thought-provoking, than the in your face sexier-than-thou divas.” – (video music stars)

“A collection of inspiring, catchy, songs that range in style from R&B to rock to intelligent pop. What you get here is raw honesty and authenticity.” – Frank Rasenberger (The Phantom Tollbooth)

"This lady is definitely on fire and one to watch closely in the near future. Erica Bronwyn not only has a beautiful voice but she is a great songwriter! She is equally at home, whether delivering upbeat, aggressive pop tracks or soaring inspirational ballads. Her music doesn’t fit the stereotype. It will appeal to pop fans, young and old, almost across the board. I have heard hundreds of new pop voices come and go over the years; few have ever caught my attention like Erica Bronwyn’s has.” 

– Rick (Jamshpere).

"YOUR LOVE - not only is the writing and production great, but you truly have such a unique but still recognizable voice that would stick in people's heads after just one listen." - John Loffredo (Howard Rosen Promotion)